It’s always important to have a steady stable of reliable information sources, no matter what field you’re in. This is especially true in the field of martial arts training. With so many misconceptions about mixed martial arts and professional wrestling, credible, reliable sources are a must for any site that wants help people start their martial arts journey. Here are some of the sites we use:

The Bleacher Report

The Bleacher Report is a general sports news site, but unlike most of the other sites out there, it also covers Mixed Martial Arts and Professional Wrestling. They’re also very up-to-date with real-time updates of major events such as UFC and WWE pay-per-view events. They also provide analysis of the matches.

Black Belt Magazine

While they don’t have a digital version of their publication, they do have a Facebook page that compiles their articles and videos. The videos are extremely useful, showing step-by-step guides to self-defense maneuvers and techniques that are helpful to beginners, as well as regular practitioners.

Kyusho Library

A massive online database of martial arts videos, articles, and resources, the Kyusho Library is a site that everyone with even a remote interest in martial arts should have bookmarked. It’s massive archive does have a price, however; a literal one. As a subscription based website, you may not want to invest in it unless you’re sure you want to follow one of the teachers whose videos are archived on the site.

If there are any resources you’ve come to frequent, be sure to let us know about them and why they’re your favorites!